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Jodi Elliott

Jodi Elliott
541-757-1781 x227
Jodi Elliott is drawn to real estate with a strong desire to be of service. She thrives when helping buyers articulate what they are looking for in a home and then helping them reach that goal. She believes she can best serve her clients by empowering them to be educated homeowners, guiding them through the home buying and selling process while helping them become proactive and informed residents.

A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Jodi moved to Corvallis in the fall of 2017 after living in Stockholm, Sweden for nearly four years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in anthropology at the University of Virginia before spending a year with AmeriCorps and traveling widely in Europe. She has also lived in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Princeton, New Jersey.

Under the mentorship found at Town & Country Realty, Jodi will provide clients with the robust service and guidance they need to buy or sell a home, with a healthy dose of humor to help keep clients satisfied through the transaction.

Jodi has three young children and is an active volunteer at the Corvallis Montessori School. She is the co-director of the Free Forest School of Corvallis, which fosters nature immersion experiences for families with young kids at weekly meetings in Corvallis's wild spaces. After living for years in a foreign culture, she is jumping into a sense of belonging in the welcoming Corvallis community.



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