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Ask a Principal Broker: Selling Season

By Catherine Fisher, Managing Principal Broker of Town & County Realty

Perhaps you have been thinking about selling your home for a while. Perhaps something has caused you to need to make some changes to your current housing situation. Either way, you are probably wondering if this is a good time to sell. The answer is that now is always a good time to sell!

1. In nearly all price points, this is a seller’s market because inventory is low. There are simply not as many homes available as there are buyers looking. Your house may be just what someone (or many someones) are looking for!

2. You will have less competition from other homes being sold. Because inventory is low, you might be one of the few available homes in the price range. Buyers will be even more likely to pounce on your home than if there were more homes on the market.

3. Buyers move to this area all the time for jobs and the University. While some people are able to time their move for the summer when school is out, most Buyers coming from out of town do not have the luxury of waiting. Because of the low inventory, these buyers will clamor for your property!

4. If you are selling a rental, or a home with excellent rental potential, there are certainly investors who will be looking to buy prior to the end of the year. These investors are looking for a last-minute tax write-off – and you might have just the property they are looking for!

5. And my favorite reason, your home likely will feel cozier and more inviting during the winter after
you dress it for the winter holidays. Homes often present better in the winter because they are warm, decorated and festive.

6. Finally, you may need to sell because you need to sell. And that is a great reason too.

We, at Town & Country Realty are here to help you navigate your next steps. Call us today at 541-757-1781 or 541-924- 5616 today to discuss what your home could sell for and to create a marketing plan to get your home sold quickly, easily and at the price you desire. We look forward to working with you!

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