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Dreaming of a Light Colored Sofa?

Brought to you by Grant Converse of Corvallis Furniture

In our household we have a minimum of 4 teenagers, a rambunctious dog, and a cat or two – depending on the day. The dog has been known to leave behind muddy paw prints and a special surprise or two. The teenagers will deny culpability to any and all messes. And even I have been known, on rare occasion, to spill things like Catalina salad dressing on the sectional. Spills happen. While my grandparents opted for plastic covers to keep their living room furniture from becoming soiled, today we have solutions that don’t involve the feel of the semi-rigid plastic sofa coverings Grandma used.

Enter performance upholstery fabrics – Revolution, Defender, Nuvella, Crypton – just to name a few of the soil resistant fabric brands being used on more and more living room furniture. While some early styles had a rough outdoor fabric feel, newer fabrics are supple and inviting. The color choices have expanded greatly. These fabrics are easy to clean, durable, and have a higher resistance to sun fade. They can be cleaned with just about any household cleaner – even bleach. Then rinse and air dry. In fact, because of the solution dyed manufacturing method, these fabrics can be nearly impossible to stain. Performance fabrics enable us to enjoy upholstery colors we once swore there would be no possible way for us to keep clean in our homes.

Have you ever stared dreamingly at a light colored sofa in a furniture showroom – only to have the reality of “life happens” moments crush any attempts of your lifelong design creations coming to fruition? Maybe gray or brown is a safer color. Maybe when the kids get older you’ll tell yourself. When the kids move out. When the grand kids are a little older. When we retire… The time is now folks! With performance fabrics, you can host children’s birthday parties, create a teenage hangout; even host a dinner party with pesto and marinara! Dare I say it; you might even enjoy Catalina salad dressing again. Corvallis Furniture is locally owned and operated. We now have 3 showrooms and carry a range of furniture upholstered in performance fabrics. From budget friendly models to custom design-your-own options, our sales staff and designers can help you fi nd the perfect solutions. I encourage you to come and visit the Corvallis Furniture family of stores. We look forward to working with you!