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Shop Local, Shop First Alternative Natural Co-op

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op has been in business for more than 45 years. With two locations open every day from 7am-10pm, they are one of the best sources for fresh, local, organic groceries in the Willamette valley. More than just a grocery store, the Co-op is a community destination.

What is the Co-op? A cooperative isn’t owned by a single person or company but by a group of investors, each with an equal share. First Alternative Co-op is a grocery store with over 10,000 owners. Owners have the right to vote in the annual Board of Directors elections. Those interested in taking a more active role can also run for the Board. Owners also have the chance to vote on our local “Beans For Bags” charity recipients and receive the amazing monthly benefit of Owner Sale Day, where they can take 10% off all non-sale items in the store on a day of their choosing!

Who can shop at the Co-op? Anyone can shop at the Co-op, and everyone saves! All Co-op Deals sale prices, and everyday low-priced Co-op Basics items are available to everyone. It’s all part of the Co-op’s mission to provide healthful food for the entire community. Just as everyone is welcome to shop, everyone is eligible to become an Owner. Community Rooms host educational classes that are open to the public and serve as a meeting space for local organizations.

What does the Co-op sell? Only the best. Whenever possible the Co-op purchases locally. It just makes sense. For every $100 spent at a local business, $45 goes back into the local economy. The same amount at a chain store returns only $13. Both Co-op stores carry fresh, organic produce from more than 25 local farms and small growers, and groceries from dozens of local producers located around the valley. What the Co-op can’t purchase locally they source ethically. A better selection of fair trade products—from chocolates and coffee to cooking oils—won’t be found elsewhere. Fair trade certified products ensure fair prices for goods, environmental sustainability, and ethical treatment of employees. This promotes global equality, making a better world for us all.

North Corvallis: 2855 NW Grant Ave.
Phone: (541) 452-3115

South Corvallis: 1007 SE Third St.
Phone: (541) 753-115

Website: www.firstalt.coop

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @firstaltcoop