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Valentine’s Day is a Holiday For All

Brought to you Jeanne of Stargazer Premier Florist

February is a time when early spring blossoms are poking out of the rain-soaked ground as we celebrate a holiday about love. While this is a frenzied month for florists, it is also one that I personally enjoy the most. Stargazer Premier Florist is full of a wide variety of gorgeous flowers and the joy of spring garden plants. It feels like a new beginning as spring awakens and the colorful flowers brighten rainy day.

Valentine’s isn’t just about lovers but a wonderful celebration of all love. I enjoy the little kids shopping for just the right gift for mom. Friends celebrating their closest friendships. The parents surprising their kids at school. It’s not just a holiday all about red roses either. We have blooming gardens for the gardener, delicious chocolate gift baskets for the chocolate lover, tropical flowers for the paradise enthusiast, and much more!

Speaking of roses, each color has a different meaning. Red for passionate love, white for purity and innocence, yellow for friendship, pink for grand and affection, and lavender for enchantment and love at first sight. While the meaning of flowers has fascinated people for centuries across many countries and cultures, associating a meaning to flowers really began during the Victorian Era when proper etiquette prevented outward expressions of emotion and it became a popular way to send secretive messages. During this time several books and extensive lists were published about the language of flowers or Floriography. Many flowers and herbs, not just roses, have special meanings as well. Rosemary represents remembrance. Peonies for bashfulness and for a happy life and marriage. Red tulips symbolize passionate declaration of love and lavender for virtuous devotion. Sun flowers show happiness and adoration.

So as the gloom of rainy days fades away with nature’s love affair with spring, our floral experts at Stargazer Premier Florist can assist you in finding the perfect gift that conveys the right message for any occasion. Call us today to place your order at 541-754-8104.