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Glenda is fantastic. Our interaction with her began on line then transitioned to phone conversations. We informed her that we were just beginning to look and were not in a hurry to purchase. We initially told her we were 1-2 years away from buying but we wanted to take our time and research our options and the area. She didn’t drop us at that point because we weren’t serious immediate buyers. She kept us updated with information and promptly replied to our inquiries. She actually listened to us and got a feel of what we were looking for. In fact, she found our home which actually wasn’t even on the market. She did this through her networking while actually discussing us and our requirements with another agent who knew of a home that the owner was debating whether to sell in the upcoming spring. It’s been 4 years since we purchased our home. Glenda still keeps in touch and checks in from time to time. She is an honest hard working professional with whom we would gladly recommend.

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