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Bjorn Beer
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Bjorn Beer became a Real Estate Broker after retiring from a decade-and-a-half career in accounting software. In software, he honed his negotiating skills by arranging major strategic partnerships with other companies. Bjorn became a broker because he wants to help others overcome some of the challenges he faced in his own past property transactions. Prior to joining Town & Country Realty, Bjorn had a diverse array of real estate investment experiences like investing in a hospital real estate syndication, flipping a horse farm, successfully bidding on land at an auction, and even deploying tax strategies when he donated some of his golf course lots to Habitat for Humanity.

Prior to his software career, Bjorn completed masonry and construction jobs in the summer to pay his way through Georgetown University where he received his degree in economics. While Bjorn comes from an analytical background, he is just as likely to be found exploring outside as he is behind a spreadsheet. He enjoys Oregon to its fullest extent, whether it is trail running, backcountry skiing, exploring remote roads on his gravel bike, or getting humbled in winter surf. He’s also dedicated to conserving the outdoors for future generations. As a hobby, Bjorn wrote many articles for Earth Island Journal and was featured on NPR’s Living on Earth.

Bjorn is a father of two, one in Montessori and the other attending Franklin Elementary. He is married to a physician who specializes in breast cancer and women’s imaging. Additionally, Bjorn is fluent in German.

Bjorn specifically chose Town & Country Realty for his real estate career because he found it is the most community involved and has the most experienced agents in the mid-Willamette Valley.