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Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher
Managing Principal Broker/Owner, CRS, E-PRO
541-757-1781 x226
Catherine was born in Corvallis and, although she moved to Portland when she was still in grade school, Corvallis always stayed close to her heart. Memories of playing at Adams Elementary, cheering on the Beavers at OSU Basketball games, rooting for her sister during swim meets at Osborn, and climbing on the train and dinosaur bones at Avery Park are some of her favorites. She even learned how to sign her name for the first time just so she could get her very own library card at the Corvallis Public Library.

Catherine left Oregon to live in St. Louis, Missouri where she attended Washington University and then started both her family and real estate career. Catherine adopted 2 sons, birthed another and started and managed her own real estate brokerage, development, and property management business while in St. Louis. Although happy and busy, Catherine felt the pull of the welcoming community and the feeling of home in Oregon. Knowing that Corvallis would offer everything she and her family needed, Catherine and her family made the move back to Oregon in 2008. In 2009, Catherine’s fourth and last son joined the team. (Catherine figured she would not ever get a girl so she should stop trying before being further outnumbered.)

Catherine has found that the growth of Corvallis has brought a lot of really great people and has made her hometown even better, further reinforcing all the positive childhood memories. “I play with my kids on the train and dinosaur bones in Avery Park, we cheer for the Beavers at basketball (and football) games, and our children all take swim lessons at Osborn.” And, of course, Catherine has helped all four boys get their very own library cards at the Public Library. The sense of community has never wavered, and it has been incredibly rewarding to reestablish meaningful relationships in and out of the business community. Having moved away and then come back to Corvallis, Catherine knows just how special this community is, and what a wonderful place it is to live and work.

After moving back to Corvallis, Catherine joined skillsets with her friend and colleague, Lisa Marie Boyd, to create the ISC Group at Town & Country Realty. The ISC Group, standing for Integrity, Service and Community, is committed to providing a seamless home buying and selling experience for each and every client. At the end of 2016, Catherine and Lisa Marie had the opportunity to expand the reach of the ISC Group by purchasing Town & Country Realty from Pete Sekermestrovich. As owners, both Catherine and Lisa Marie have concluded working directly with buyers and sellers to focus on fully supporting all Town & Country Realty Brokers, ensuring a seamless home buying and selling experience for each and every Town & Country Realty client, and providing the place you love to come home to.


  • "We felt like we hit the Realtor JACKPOT when we connected!"
  • "Best Realtor we've had in 5 house buying experiences in 3 states! Catherine's knowledge of Corvallis was fantastic and so helpful. So approachable and easy to talk to."
  • "Catherine got me everything I wanted for the house – especially the price and the closing date - and it was so easy. She is like a dream come true!"
  • "I never had a good experience buying real estate before I worked with Catherine – but she really took the nightmare out of the home buying process. I got the house and she got the nightmare. What a deal."
  • "Catherine is clearly experienced, knowledgeable, and a woman of her word. I am so glad she was the one guiding us through this process."
  • "Dealing with my mom’s house was so much easier than I feared it would be! Catherine was supportive and helpful, making this difficult task much less so. I just wish she could have helped me with the rest of the estate."
  • "Catherine is the principal recommender for all things Corvallis. Simply the best."


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