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Shadrack Hawkins

Shadrack Hawkins
541-757-1781 x246
“Do to others what you want them to do to you,” as stated in Luke 6:13. These are broker, Shadrack Hawkins’, ultimate words to live by. He knows that uncertainty, unpredictability, and unpreparedness in life can bring fear and stress. Shadrack is committed to thoughtfully guiding his clients throughout the real estate transaction.

Born in Southeast Portland, Shadrack is a committed Oregonian, even when life’s callings and adventures have pulled him to many interesting places. One such travel to Yakima, Washington to visit friends who introduced Shad to the Creator’s Game, which is known to many as Lacrosse. The sport would later teach Shadrack of his Apache ancestors who traveled on horseback through the hot, barren lands of the southwest.

His introduction to lacrosse while at the Yakama Indian Reservation would play an integral role in Shadrack’s life, most notably providing him with a fully paid scholarship to William Penn University. There he studied Kinesiology and minored in Biology with the intent of one day adding “Dr.” to his title. In the back of Shadrack’s mind, the pursuit of a Real Estate Broker license nagged at him as an exciting alternative if kinesiology did not prove to be a good fit.

Disillusioned with the college experience and the harsh weather at William Penn University in Iowa, Shadrack considered other career options with more opportunity and found himself returning to Oregon and earning his Real Estate Broker license.

Before joining Town & Country Realty, Shadrack has worked various positions in food, retail and labor, all of which provided him with the experience of how to be of service and operate with integrity at all times.

Shadrack is motivated and excited to join Town & Country Realty where he can offer his respectful, calm, and kind-hearted nature to his clients for all life changes, both large and small. Shadrack is a professional who keeps his word, is the friend you can rely on, and is the team player you can count on to reach your real estate goals.


  • Shadrack was always "there", even on his own time.


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