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What’s Next in The Housing Market?

By Catherine Fisher, Managing Principal Broker During normal times, we as brokers are regularly asked many questions about the market. In these definitely-not-normal times, the volume of questions we receive is tenfold. Some of the most ...

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Virtual Real Estate

We at Town & Country Realty know these are times requiring creativity and new ideas to stay safe and healthy. Below are a few of many ways we can help you meet your real estate goals while maintaining physical distancing during COVID-19. Ca...

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Ask A Principal Broker: Financing Your New Home

By Catherine Fisher, Managing Principal Broker/Owner One of the biggest, or at least scariest, hurdles for home buyers is the financing. If I have just described you, relax and call a reputable local lender soon. A local lender will sit ...

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Ask a Principal Broker: How Do I Pick My House?

By Catherine Fisher, Managing Principal Broker/Owner One of my all-time favorite questions that people ask me is if I frequently move because I view houses that I want to buy all the time. The answer is no. I have the opportunity to walk...

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Mortgage Lending

Ask a Principal Broker: How to Choose a Lender

By Catherine Fisher, Managing Principal Broker/Owner If you are planning to refinance your current home, or finance a new home purchase, it is essential that you work with a lending professional that will get the results you desire. But how...

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Connie Hartrum, Broker Joins Town & Country Realty

The lush Willamette Valley has been Connie Hartrum’s home for nearly 3 decades. Coming from the dry desert land of Southern Nevada at the brink of adulthood and motherhood, Connie’s life has mirrored the irrefutable and abundant growth that...

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Ask a Principal Broker: Home Inspections

Congratulations! You have an accepted offer. You might be tempted to skip the home inspections to save money, but please don't. Here is why you want one: Protection - A quality home inspection can reveal critical information about the condi...

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Ask a Principal Broker: Maintenance Priorities

For many people, their home is their largest asset. If this is you or it isn't, you want to maintain and preserve your home. By performing regular property maintenance, you will save money, retain its future value, and sell it more easily when ...

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