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Linn County

Encompassing the abundant valley of the Willamette River and the forested hills of Willamette National Forest, Linn County is perfect for nature lovers who cherish their space. Linn County’s economy is fueled by agriculture, wood products, and precious metals. With over 70 listings on the National Registry of Historic Places, and a founding going back to 1847, you will find a community steeped in Oregon’s legacy of the frontier.

Cities within Linn County include Albany, Brownsville, Halsey, Lebanon, Lyons, Millersburg, Scio, Sweet Home, Tangent and Waterloo. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound along highways 20 and 228. Every season provides opportunities to enjoy the county’s clear water, deep woods, and gorgeous scenery.Being situated between Salem and Eugene means big city shopping is also within easy reach.

With a population of just over 100,000 people spread over 2,300 square miles, you will find plenty of breathing room. Acreage can be yours in this beautiful area. Diverse historical buildings, rich soil, and access to parks and natural wonders means there is something for everyone in Linn County.

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